The Arthashastra by Chanakya (Kautilya)

This is the third volume in the Seven Classics on War and Politics

New Modern Edition

The Arthashastra by Chanakya (Kautilya) - New Modern Edition
A new translation by Jeff Mcneill
Classics on War and Politics, Vol. 3
Published in the USA 2019-01-06.
Copyright © 2019 by Classics Press LLC.
Original work in Sanskrit by Chanakya (Kautilya) (4th c. BCE).
Published in premodern India, 4th c. BCE.

Ebook ISBN 978-1-938412-03-5
Print ISBN 978-1-938412-24-0
Audio ISBN 978-1-938412-42-4

History / Asia / India
History / Military / Strategy
History / Philosophy / Political

Indian History, Eastern Philosophy, Military Strategy, Nonfiction, Political Economy

The Arthashastra -- meaning "The science of politics and political economy" -- is an extended treatise on how to found and rule an empire. Max Weber declared that compared to the Arthashastra, Machiavelli's The Prince is harmless.

The author Chanyaka (also known as Kautilya) was the masterful advisor to ruler Chandragupta Maurya, the founder of the Mauryan empire. At its zenith under Chandragupta's grandson Ashoka, the Mauryan empire was larger than the furthest extent of the British empire in India, and encompassed 50 million people.

Classical authors estimate that Chandragupta's army held over half a million infantry, 30,000 calvary, 9,000 elephants, and 8,000 chariots. The Mauryan capital Pataliputra, near modern day Patna, was apparently twice as large as Rome under Marcus Aurelius.

Despite the scope and detail of The Arthashastra, it remains a practical, realistic, effective (and at times brutal) approach to seizing and ruling an empire. The work deals with not only military and political strategy but economic, legal, and administrative policy -- statecraft in the widest scope.

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